Film dubbing

Corso di Doppiaggio medialab

What are you looking for a student when he decided to follow a "speech training" or "dubbing"?
Want to discover the infinite potential of your voice.

Verbal communication has its own charm, words have their body weight, energy. The tools to anyone who wants to become a "professional" will be supplied without saving and treasure it will depend only on the will and the talent of the individual student! But even in the absence of such ambition you will learn that the words and the voice can be used in many ways, than with words you can play, create and finally, speak or read by capturing the attention of our listeners. We undertake with the dubbing itself, with the pleasure that is putting our voice and our beautiful Italian language on the lips and on the faces of the most beloved actors of world cinema. An emotion and a fascinating game, a way to become an actor putting himself in the shoes of the characters appearing on the big screen! ca here to process the text.

Details ...

Basic and advanced photography courses

Corso di Fotografia Medialab

The MediaLab photography courses offer low-cost all the basic information to be able to face photography in conscious manners having solid theoretical bases practical. We have two basic and advanced levels suitable for those starting from scratch to handle a reflex or mirrorless machine. Our courses are held in groups of Max 15 people and include a practical photographic output with photo analysis of the group


Stage presence & Public Speaking

Corso di presenza scenica Medialab

 The course of the stage presence is held by Alessandro Capasso known showman Fiorentino and its purpose is to improve the scene for those who should be a singer or a speaker. This is often underestimated by those who undertake long technical paths, but it certainly allows you to be able to give that security in dealing and managing emotions and not getting crushed by them, worsening the Performanc


Shooting & Editing Audio Video

Corso di riprese & montaggio audio Video Medialab

The Audio Video Editing course allows anyone who wants to get into the world of video a solid base in order to be able to posche lessons to create professional products. Various softwares will be used to achieve unthinkable results only until a few years ago.


Basic/Advanced Audio Technician Course

Corso di tecnico Audio Teps Medialab

The course of audio technician is certainly one of the courses of prestige of our didactic offer. Two are the currently active versions. A basic and an advanced that also includes a certification at the regional level (TEPS) in collaboration with the Musicarte Center.