The Rehearsal halls

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Our rehearsal rooms offer quality sound proofing tools where you can give free rein to your imagination and artistic creativity. In all our rooms you will also have the opportunity to use a midi keyboard at no extra charge. Also with the subscription plan you can get discounted prices that will save you also can always find helpful the room that you like best. Great care equipment, cleaning and maintenance are a reference point in the rehearsal medialab fiorentino. For information and reservations 055.436890

Sala 1


Battery premier SIGNA 4 tom dishes turkish
Marshall bass amp head case 300 W
1 200 cash & kettner with marshall amps attax huges 4 x
marshall JCM900 amplifier with case 1
Bugera amp 250w amp with 1 case 4 x 10 & Hughes kettner
1 Fender Twin amplifier 150W combo
20-channel mixer with Digital Effects montarbo
casio digital piano and digital keyboard korg m1

Sala 2


Drums Sound Craft 3 tom turkish dishes
marshall bass amp head case 300W
1 Fender amplifier twin150 w
1 amp head case with case & kettner attax huges 200 4 x 10
12-channel behringer mixer with reverb
roland digital piano and digital keyboard D20
ground lights 200w
3 microphones behringer
auctions and lecterns

Sala 3


Battery Tipano 2 tom, Mapex Saturn, plates
Bass amp Ashdown 300 W with 10 + sub 18
1 150W Fender Twin combo amps
Marshal Valvestate amp 1 2000
Combo amp 1 Peavy
12-channel mixer Behringer Pro series
casio digital piano


Located in the area of Fredi, the Cultural association MediaLab provides four rehearsal rooms, all equipped with the necessary equipment to accommodate bands composed of five elements; In particular, Room 1 (the largest of the four) offers high-profile instrumentation and much more than average acoustics. There are no additional costs for any extra equipment and there is the possibility to record your test in direct connection. The staff is very courteous, helpful and qualified.

Matteo Gabbiani