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Since 1983 Modern Music Courses

Medialab associazione culturale con Scuola di musica moderna e classica a Firenze , Sale prova , studio di registrazione , corsi di doppiaggio e fotografia . Sede di Firenze per le zone di Firenze nord , Firenze Nova , Careggi , Rifredi, Statuto , Poggetto , Castello , Sesto Fiorentino

From the collaboration with the "Peripheral Music Laboratory" we have created a series of courses aimed at all those who want to learn to sing or play an instrument. The "Peripheral Music Laboratory" has existed since 1983 and over time it has obtained esteem and consideration in the field of musical education, so much so that it is now qualified as one of the best Florentine associations in the sector. The L.M.P. he is attentive and open to all musical genres with particular attention to modern, contemporary and Rock music. Numerous are the collaborations of the teachers of the L.M.P. with nationally and internationally renowned artists, such as Mina, Litfiba, Piero Pelù, Diaframma, Irene Grandi, Dirotta su Cuba, Laura Pausini, Raf, Umberto Tozzi, Marco Masini, Jenny B., Dennis & the Jets, etc.
It seems necessary to point out that the students of the L.M.P. are now numerous who managed to establish themselves at excellent levels in the professional field. The "Peripheral Musical Laboratory" gives life every year to a concert-essay to present the work of the students, organized in musical groups by the teachers. This concert is now a true musical event, so much so that it has repeatedly attracted the attention of the press. The courses carried out as previously mentioned, by professional teachers, are individual and therefore adaptable to all levels and all ages, for those who have no experience, up to the advanced singing or instrument course, with personalized timetables.

Gruppi di musica d'insieme

Musica d'insieme Medialab

For some years, under the supervision of Simone Taurisano, for those wishing to combine an individual course with an individual instrument lesson, Medialab has offered ensemble music groups. These groups are real bands formed by all the students of the school and also by members from other realities who try to train in the live experience, an essential aspect for a musician who wants to professionally face his artistic growth. Real concerts will be offered with variable frequency where the groups can play in front of an audience and put into practice all the notions learned by the many teachers that the school will provide them during the year.


Corso di Basso 

Corso di sax

Corsi di tromba

Corso di Chitarra


Chitarra Brasiliana

Corso Di Violino

corso di Pianoforte

corso di Batteria

corso di Piano & Tastiere

corso di Batteria Jazz

corso diCanto

Corso di Contrabbasso 

Corso di percussioni


Lezioni di pianoforte Medialab, scuola di Pianoforte , scuola di tastiere , lezioni di Pianoforte ,scuola di pianoforte,


Lezioni di Tromba,coros di tromba , lezioni di tromba a Firenze Medialab

Stefano Bartoli
Renato Cantini

Violino    classico

Lezioni di violino Medialab

Andrea Baicu

Chitarra classica

Lezioni di Chitarra Classica Medialab

Chitarre Brasiliane

Lezioni di Chitarra Classica Medialab

canto moderno & lirico

Lezioni di canto moderno e lirico Medialab,scuola di canto, lezioni di canto , canto corale, canto pop, canto rock , scuola di canto a Firenze , corsi di canto a Firenze , Lezioni canto a Firenze

Sonia Alicervi
Deborah Castellucci
Stefania Boni
Francisca Nesti


Lezioni di contrabbasso Medialab


Lezioni di contrabbasso Medialab

Pasquale Rimolo
Doado Pecchioli ex allievo medialab


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