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From demo to production

Studio di registrazione Medialab

The study of MediaLab in collaboration with Mediarecords is a small technological jewel where you can develop, realize and record your productions completely in digital. The study was designed to develop various types of productions ranging from demo to real record production. In addition, thanks to the large shooting hall you will be able to realize your audition in direct intake, saving enormously on the final cost. You can also decide to print from US small quantities of CDs (within 100 pieces) thanks to our efficient mastering station. Also we are one of the few studies in Florence that allow you to record classical orchestras and instruments such as strings, piano, wind sections at the same time in more shooting halls. In recent years we have set up a new service to create audio for advertising, documentaries, films, audiobooks, using of professional speakers. If you need a voice with great diction and with a professional appeal you can listen to some of the demos we have made.


Studio di registrazione Medialab


Studio di registrazione Medialab


Studio di registrazione Medialab


Studio di registrazione Medialab

Scheda tecnica

  • Ascolti : ESB LD70, Auratone Teac s70,thruth behringer 300w 
  • Microfoni Rodhe NT1 Nt2, Beta 58, Sm57,Samson,Smd 545 AkG 451c,neuman,beta 58,sm58
  • Mixer Behringer 8000 Yamaha     Promix 01- line Mixer Fostex 
  • Keyboards e racks GEM WK4/8/genesys  Korg T3 piano Roland S2000 U220 D110 P330 s550 Sc88pro Korg M3r Korg O1 Alesis S4Korg 03W Korg M1 Ensonq ESQ1       
  • Computer&soundcardsWindows xp/7/10 ESA core AMDcoreMhz 8gram  1TB 
  • Giullemot ISIS Sound   blaster LIVE platinum EX, hercules 16/12 fw, Focusrite liquid 56 pro , 3 Tc powercore mkII ,System 6000 TC          
  • Outboards Compressori  Yamaha 2020 Alesis 3660,pre focusrite platinum pro  Digitech DSP 128 plus Digitech    VocalistII                
  • Registratori Dat Dtcp7 Sony  Minidisk Sony 
  • piastra pro Technics    
  • Masterizzatore Yamaha 48x Audiopro       
  • Software Cubase 6.5 originale   
  • Wavelab 6 originale Cool EDIT pro   originale REBIRTH,vari plugin SONNOx, WAVES ecc

Kiss Me-Mario D'amico

Musica Rock -Mario D'Amico

Plastic girls - Acquaraggia

Spaccami il cuore - Mario D'Amico

HI KI KOMORI - Acquaraggia